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Traditional cafes in Male and in local islands are the perfect places to experience and taste the local food specialties called Hedhikaa.

Hedhikaa are “short-eats” or “snacks” and are extremely popular among the local population and the tourists visiting the country. Hedhikaa are not only found in local cafes (Hotaa) but are also present in every Maldivian home. Hedhikaa  are cheap and served all day long but the best time to savour these snacks is after the afternoon prayer (Asr) at around 4pm when Hedhikaa are warm and freshly baked and paired with black tea or coffee.

It is also a prefect snack for tourists before dinner and after a long afternoon snorkeling, diving or simply bathing under the sun.

Here are some of the most common and delicious Hedhikaa you will find in every cafes:


Fish (Fresh, canned, dried or smoked) , coconut, onion, chili , Lime are some of the main ingredients used to prepare Hedhikaa.

If you do not like fish I am really sorry and I advise you to jump directly to the Sweet section (unless you don’t like coconut too 🙂 )


Gulha are small ball-shaped, bite sized dumplings stuffed with a mix of Tuna fish, onions , chilli and gratted coconut.

Gulha recipe here 


Mas Roshi:

Mas Roshi is a pan fry flattened version of the Gulha ( see above) and use the exact same ingredients  . Traditional Mashroshi is made using smoked tuna and coconut dough. My favourite, great for anytime snack !

Masroshi recipe here



It is one of the only Hedhikaa that doesn’t have Tuna or Fish in It (perfect for vegetarian travellers or people who do not like fish ).  It is a very basic mix of cabbage, boiled egg, onion and eventually a bit of chilli and curry leaves.  It is deep fried until the dough is brown in color.

Biskeemiyaa recipe here



The fish version of Biskeemiyaa . Same cooking mode, just replace egg by smoked Tuna, and cabbage by green peas.

Keemiyaa recipe here



Biscutlets are similar to scotch eggs except that tuna and potato replace the usual sausage meat. Ingredients are the same than cutlets (see above) ; Just put an half boiled egg in the middle of the mixture of tuna, potatoes, onions, roll it in breadcrumbs and finally deep fry it.

These are delicious served hot or cold. Cutlets are also very famous in other neighboring countries such as Sri Lanka or India

Cutlets recipe here



Bajiya are a regular fixture on Maldivian tables. They are also known as Samosa or Sambusa in other countries. Maldivian Samosa use smoked tuna ( or boiled tuna ), onions , chili flakes, curry leaves . Bajiya are deep fired and served when golden brown.

Bajiya recipe here


Kulhiboakibaa (fish cake):

In the ancient time  Kulhiboakibaa was made only for special occasions such as festival or religious celebrations. Nowadays Kulhiboakibaa is a common dish and can be found in many cafes . Kulhiboakibaa is a tasty baked (or pan fry fish) cake made of smoked tuna, scraped coconut, onions and ground rice.

Fried Mushimas (scads)

One of the most simple and amazingly tasty finger food in Maldives.  Small or large scads ( Mushimas in Divehi ) mixed with chili powder and deep fried . Just use your fingers and eat it all (head and eyes included) !

Fried Mushimas recipe here


More salty Maldivians short eats :

  • Kavaabu ( fish fritters) – recipe

  • Curried rolls – recipe

  • Sausage rolls – recipe

  • Meeru Rihaakuru Folhi – recipe


Aluvi Boakibaa :

Dhandi aluvi Boakibaa is a delicious sweet cassava and coconut cake.  Aluvi Boakibaa is loved by kids and adults alike

Aluvi Boakibaa recipe here

Aluvi Boakibaa

Huni Folhi:

Huni Folhi are coconut pancakes. These are delicious served hot or cold.

Huni Folhi recipe here

Huni folhu

Dhonkeyo kahuru:

Simple banana fritters mixed with coconut meat. Serve them hot with eventually vanilla ice cream scoop  or whipped cream .

Dhonkeyo kahuru recipe here


Gerikiru Boakiba:

 GeKiru boakiba is a condensed milk cake ( Kiru boakiba means Milk Cake in Dihivehi. Perfect with a cup of black tea !

Gerikiru Boakiba recipe here

Gerikiru Boakiba


Gulab are one of the most famous deserts in South Asia. Originally from India they are spongy milky balls soaked in rose scented syrup.  Just irresistible!

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  1. Hi
    I am from India
    Hope you can answer my query
    While in my college I had a Maldivian course mate, her mother used to pack a gulha like snack for her made of fish. I used to call them fish balls. These could be kept over a long period of time and were hard n crunchy to bite into.
    Can you tell me what it is and provide the recipe
    I will be really grateful

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