bad & good weather www.cruise-maldives.comBecause it is a recurring question we decided to write a little article about it !   However please note that it is impossible to forecast the weather and below datas are just published for information .

Maldives climate is called tropical equatorial and has two distinct seasons called monsoon. The first monsoon (also called dry season or northeast monsoon ) is the best time of the year to visit Maldives.

The second monsoon ( called rainy/wet season  or southwest monsoon ) is known for bringing rainfall, storm and strong winds.

good and bad weather www.cuise-maldives.com


The dry season usually extends from December to late April beginning of May. During this period you will enjoy hot temperatures, dry weather, calm and clear waters. However price will be much higher than during wet season (especially during festive period; Christmas, new year and European public holidays) !  You might also face crowded resorts as most of the tourists prefer to travel during this period and enjoy the winter sun.



The wet season usually runs from June to October. During wet season, rainfall intensity-duration-frequency will increase; wind will blow longer and faster. In terms of prices it is cheaper to visit Maldives during wet season. Most of the travel agent will apply special offers, discount and others added values if you book during wet season. Air temperature and sea temperature will remain more or less the same.

If you are a surfer this is the right moment to visit Maldives. The most regular and beautiful waves will develop from May to October.

Diving and snorkeling conditions tend to be the same during dry and wet season. You won’t see many differences; fishes do not really care about the weather outside the ocean 🙂



Basically there is no way of predicting the weather, the only solution is to decide when you can travel and enjoy your time as much as possible!

Dry season is fantastic for long beach session under the sun and endless bathing in the lagoon. However rates are high and country packed with tourists

During wet season, heat is more tolerable, price cheaper and less touristic. Although it can happen you would be unlucky to experience more than three days of solid rain. The Maldives is paradise even if it is raining and wet season is recommended for divers and surfers.

good & bad weather 4 www.cruise-maldives.com

 Temperatures remain near the same at 28ºC to 30ºC for air and sea temperature all through the year. If you visit Maldives during rainy season you won’t need to worry about being cold.

However, because of global warming and climate change, weather patterns have been much more difficult to predict the last couple of years. We now see sometimes plenty of rain in November, December, January and a clear sunny sky in June or July ….

bad & good weather 2 www.cruise-maldives.com

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