It is a very common thing to see and hear geckos on the numerous islands and resorts of Maldives.

Geckos are nocturnal lizards with eyes 350 times more sensitive to colours and lights than human beings.  Don’t be afraid of them, they are very friendly and fearful animals; they will make your nights peaceful by eating mosquitoes and other unwelcome insects.

If you don’t see Geckos you might nevertheless hear them. Geckos are really unique among lizards; they use chirping sounds to interact with other geckos. Their vocalizations can be pretty loud and can be mistaken with birds chirping.

Geckos are so abundant in Maldives; they play a major role in Maldivian wildlife but also in Maldivian folklore. Today, islanders still believe in Gecko wisdom and special powers.

If when having a conversation a gecko chirps and interrupts the discussion it means that the one speaking is telling the truth.
If many geckos chirp together at the same time, it means that the person speaking is very honest and can be trusted.
On the contrary if a gecko is seen during a conversation but doesn’t chirp it would mean that the one speaking is lying and untrustworthy.

Nowadays, elders still listen to geckos during serious discussion and a simple chirp can influence their decision making and judgments.

Your turn to experience this natural lie detector on your next holidays in Maldives.


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